1. fuzzleyan:

    I love video games. I love video games a lot.

    I am terrible at video games.

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  3. ratchetmessreturns:

    Damn she put it all out there…. 

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  4. ratchetmessreturns:

    Damn she put it all out there…. 

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    Better than the victoria secret angel’ s 👌

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    1. Video Game: Press Start
    2. Me: *presses A*
  6. -fuckmylollipop:

    I think im going to puke

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  7. peniscruncher:


    who was the asshole that decided tattoos looked unprofessional 

    the generation that did is dying out so don’t worry

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    i am both these people at once

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  10. "The thing with Maritza, I honestly feel like she’s just very much a part of me and I can get into her really quickly especially when you put that uniform on and you’re on set with all these girls who are in prison. I think your imagination gets you there really quickly. I actually get sad! There’s this feeling of being trapped that comes over you. With this job you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. That’s how I prepare, I just put myself in someone else’s shoes."

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    lim lim

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